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Grahame Johnson


Grahame Johnson was appointed Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance in the Financial Sector Policy Branch effective July 4, 2023. In this capacity, he advises the Deputy Prime Minster and Minister of Finance on all matters related to the financial sector, including financial crimes and security, financial stability, financial institutions and funds management. He is on secondment from the Bank of Canada.

Prior to being appointed Assistant Deputy Minister, Mr. Johnson was Advisor to the Governor. In this role, he provided advice on monetary policy operations and balance sheet management, the Bank of Canada’s fiscal agent activities, and international and domestic capital market forums. He also chaired the Bank’s Pension Fund Investment Committee.

Mr. Johnson has extensive knowledge of financial markets, the financial system, and monetary and funds management policies. Before becoming an Advisor, Mr. Johnson was Managing Director of the Financial Markets Department (FMD). He also served as Managing Director of the Banking and Payments Department (BAP) and Financial Stability Department (FSD). Prior to that, he held increasingly senior roles in the Financial Risk Office and FMD. Before joining the Bank in 2001, he worked on the fixed-income trading desk of a major Canadian financial institution.

Mr. Johnson is a native of Montréal, Québec. He has a degree in commerce from Queen’s University and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

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