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Training and learning

Welcome to the CDIC financial community training and learning page. Here you will find practical information on CDIC and existing deposit protection rules.

CIPF and CDIC: coverage and disclosure webinar

CIPF and CDIC have teamed up on a free webinar that provides an overview of how coverage works at each organization, including what is covered and the coverage limits. The webinar also highlights key updates relevant to IIROC and CIPF members, including upcoming changes to CDIC’s coverage and to the CIPF Disclosure Policy, and offers further resources to help learn more about CIPF and CDIC.

This free webinar is accredited by IIROC and you will earn one continuing educating credit upon completion.

Training game for financial professionals

We have created a fun, free, self-directed training game called the CDIC Financial Professional Trivia Challenge. This training game is accredited by The Institute, IIROC, CSF, and IQPF and you will earn one continuing education credit upon completion. You will be issued a certificate for your records once the game is completed.

Think ya know deposit insurance? Prove it! Take the CDIC Financial Professional Trival Challenge

CDIC financial professional trivia challenge

Complete this one-hour course to earn a free credit from the accreditation body of which you are a member.

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