Data and System Requirements (DSR)

The Data and System Requirements By-law (DSRB) requires members to implement a method of identifying, capturing, organizing, and producing deposit liability data. The objective is to ensure that in the event of failure, the member institution has certain data readily available and organized properly to allow CDIC to undertake a resolution.

Data and System Requirements By-law

Data and System Requirements

Certification and Testing Approach

Test Criteria

Data Submission

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Data Anonymization

Guidelines for Policies and Procedures

The Data and System Requirements By-law (DSRB) requires Members to implement a process to produce deposit liability data to enable CDIC to undertake a resolution in the event of failure. Pursuant to the DSRB, Member Institutions (MIs) are required to develop, maintain, and adhere to policies and procedures to ensure they have the capabilities set out in the DSRB. The following document has been developed to assist MIs with the development of the MI’s policies and procedures.

Questions and Answers

Important Notice

Member institutions are advised that:

  • CDIC may post all member institution questions (written or oral) regarding the Data and System Requirements By-law and Data and System Requirements document (the “By-law”) and CDIC’s responses on its website. Members that submit questions in writing will also receive a written reply from CDIC;
  • prior to posting any questions and responses, CDIC will remove the member institution’s name, names and titles of any individuals submitting the question or referenced in the question, and any member institution locations and specific product names;
  • member institutions are responsible for ensuring that the questions they submit do not contain any confidential information that they do not want made public (other than the information referred to above that CDIC will remove prior to publication);
  • member institutions should periodically check the CDIC website for updates to the Question and Answer Section; and,
  • All questions and responses will be posted in both official languages.


Please note that:

  • The responses to the questions below have been prepared for informational purposes only and do not constitute specific advice that may be applicable to your particular situation.
  • All responses should be read in conjunction with the By-law. If there is any inconsistency between the responses below and the By-law, the terms of the By-law prevail.
  • CDIC reserves the right to update the responses posted below from time to time.
  • The responses to the questions below are not intended to be nor do they constitute legal advice. CDIC does not issue rulings on the interpretation or application of the CDIC Act or its by-laws.
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