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Deposit protection for all life stages

At CDIC, we know Canadians have many different financial needs, questions and concerns at each stage of their lives. Millennials may be just starting their financial planning, while retirees are concerned with making their savings stretch. Some parents may have RESP questions, while other adults may be wondering about TFSAs or GICs.

To help you find the information you need, we’ve compiled a collection of videos, articles, tools and infographics that are relevant to each of the following four financial life stages: Entering the Workforce, Family Finances, Retirement Planning and Retirement.

In the Entering the Workforce section, you will find information on how CDIC protects eligible deposits at each of our member financial institutions to a maximum of $100,000, per separate insured category for each depositor in the event of a failure. Click on the list of CDIC members for information.

In Family Finances, look for articles on RESPs, tips on helping aging parents and a breakdown of coverage when you have multiple types of accounts. Retirement Planning holds a wealth of information on RRSPs, maximizing your coverage, inheriting money and more. In Retirement, read about RRIFs, protecting money from the sale of the family home and how unexpected expenses can impact financial plans.

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