CDIC display requirements

The Deposit Insurance Information By-law (DIIB) aims to increase depositor awareness about CDIC deposit protection and to ensure Canadians receive accurate and timely information about deposit insurance from their financial institution.

To assist CDIC members in meeting the By-law requirements, please consult the Information Bulletin.

Below is a list of products available for download and recommended usage guidelines.

Please note: While several requirements have been retained and require continued compliance (such as the requirement to display a CDIC membership sign at the entrances of, and display the CDIC brochures in, each of a member’s places of business), new display requirements were also introduced in September 2017. Member institutions have until September 29, 2018 to comply with any new requirements.
Please refer to the Information Bulletin.

Display requirements

Ordering information

To order brochures or signs for display at entrances (decals) complete the order form (zip) or send us an email at