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Notice: The Government of Canada has announced that changes to the CDIC Act to modernize and enhance CDIC deposit protection will come into force on April 30, 2020 and April 30, 2021. PLEASE NOTE: Until then, current coverage rules apply.

Brochures, signage and other requirements

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As a Member Institution of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), you must provide information to your depositors about CDIC’s deposit protection. This page sets out the information you must make available or display to depositors in your institution and on the web.

The display requirements are set out in the Deposit Insurance Information By-law (DIIB), which aims to increase depositor awareness about CDIC deposit protection. The DIIB also aims to ensure Canadians receive accurate and timely information about deposit insurance from their financial institution.

Please consult the Deposit Insurance Information By-Law Information Bulletin (PDF, 355 KB) for assistance in how to meet the By-law requirements.

The following is a list of products available for download and recommended usage guidelines.

Display requirements

Table of contents


Brochure for display in place of business

CDIC requires members to prominently display physical copies of the Protecting Your Deposits brochure in each place of business.

This is what the brochure looks like:

Protecting Your Deposits brochure

Ordering information

To order brochures, complete the order form (ZIP, 43 KB) or send us an email at

Abbreviated brochure for provision at account opening

CDIC requires members to provide the abbreviated brochure to depositors at the same time and in the same manner as the account opening documents.

Note: A webmaster or another staff member with some knowledge of HTML will be required to properly implement the HTML version on your electronic environment.

Abbreviated brochure effective April 30, 2020 New

Membership signs

CDIC member institutions are required to display information about CDIC membership and deposit protection in their physical place(s) of business and on their electronic business site(s). For further information and definitions, please consult the Deposit Insurance Information By-Law Information Bulletin (PDF, 355 KB).

This is what the membership sign looks like:

membership sign - CDIC Deposit Protection

Membership signs need to be made available in the following places:

1. Membership sign for display at entrances

Membership sign decals must be displayed prominently at a member institution’s entrance. Here we have provided you with guidelines to assist in the installation process.

Ordering information

To order signs for display at entrances (decals) complete the order form (ZIP, 43 KB) or send us an email at

2. Membership sign for display indoors

A sign containing the names of the members that belong to the same corporate group, and that do business at that place of business, must be prominently displayed within each place of business. The sign must be visible from the main customer areas of the place of business during business hours. This requirement can be met either electronically on screens (e.g. on rolling displays on screens/monitors) or by displaying a physical sign within each place of business.

Member institutions are to create their own digital or physical sign which must contain the CDIC membership sign. CDIC’s membership sign can be downloaded in a variety of formats:

Example of membership sign


example of a membership sign's landscape layout to be displayed indoor


example of a membership sign's portrait layout to be displayed indoor

3. Membership sign for display on websites

A member must display a digital version of the CDIC membership sign on the home page of its website.

This sign links to the list of CDIC members on CDIC’s website.

Option to display the Membership sign indirectly

Instead of displaying the sign on the homepage of its website, the member may display the membership sign indirectly by means of prominently placing a single hyperlink on its homepage that links to the location on the member’s site where the CDIC membership sign can be found.

Membership badges

There are two separate badges that CDIC members are required to display in either physical or digital form:

1. Membership badge for display on electronic business sites

This badge is for display on electronic business sites such as online banking pages and it links to important CDIC brochure content.

​​Deposit Protection des dépôts
Bilingual badge
Deposit Protection
English-only badge
​​Protection des dépôts
French-only badge

The By-law sets out the locations where the CDIC badge must be displayed on electronic business sites including home page, landing page for eligible deposit products and online personal banking page. For more information, consult the Information Bulletin (PDF, 355 KB).

If a member has a website in each official language, the member may use the bilingual badge or the CDIC badge in the official language of the website. If a member has a website with only one official language, the bilingual badge must be displayed.

Instructions for badge with links to CDIC website

To implement the CDIC Badge on your non-secured electronic environment, download the desired format from the list below and link to the following content relevant to CDIC deposit protection:

Instructions for badge for secure sites

For secure environments content is provided in a Zip file below. Download one of the above badge formats (eps, png or jpg) and set up the badge icon and link internally to fully accessible PDFs and coded HTML provided below.

2. Membership badges for ATMs

This badge is for display on member-branded ATMs that accept deposits. ATM badges look identical to branch membership signs:

membership sign - CDIC Deposit Protection

The CDIC display requirement may be met by displaying the digital badge (e.g., on the ATM screen or on a digital display above the ATM) or by using the digital badge image to develop a physical badge for ATM display purposes.

Where a member develops its own physical ATM badge, the color and proportions of the original must be retained and its contents must remain clearly visible and legible.

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