Financial Community and Trustees

What’s in it for me?

The MI & NB Portals will equip Member Institutions and Nominee Brokers with modern and enhanced tools for safe and secure data transfer and storage, improved coordination, and engagement with CDIC, new self-serve testing capabilities, and increased access to information and historical documentation. Below are five key functional components of the MI & NB Portals:

& Profile Administration

MIs and NBs will manage their respective portal accounts (including portal access) via their Admin User.

Data Testing

The MI & NB Portals will provide members and brokers with the ability to test DSR and NBDR extracts in a self-serve manner, without CDIC interference.


The MI Portals will be used as the primary channel to communicate annual differential premium results.


The MI and NB Portals will provide members and brokers with a centralized communication with CDIC, and the ability to submit certain key filings through the portals (e.g., s.15 reporting on key MI contacts).

Payout Functionality

The NB Portal will provide increased transparency during a Payout, providing real-time updates to NBs on payment status and statements, as well as the ability to submit payment information.

Future Communications

The launch of the Portals is currently planned for late 2024. CDIC appreciates ongoing / strong relations with you on this topic and wants to learn more about your needs.

To that end, please contact with the name of a contact within your institution that can act as primary liaison as CDIC rolls out its solution (i.e., training, demos, etc). CDIC will be in regular communication with MI and NB contacts on planned roll out dates, training, and log-in credentials.

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