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Industry news and events

Not a dollar of depositors’ insured money lost under CDIC’s watch

Since 1967, CDIC has resolved 43 member failures which together affected about two million depositors. Not one depositor lost a single dollar of insured savings. Moreover, these insured deposits were repaid by our members through the premiums they pay to CDIC’s deposit fund.

CDIC covers eligible deposits at each of our member institutions, to a maximum of $100 000 per depositor, per insured category. Some products are not covered by CDIC. To see a full list of what’s covered (and not covered) by CDIC and to calculate your CDIC coverage, try our deposit insurance estimator.

CDIC: An excellent source of information on protecting your savings

Canadians have many different financial needs, questions and concerns at each stage of their lives. No matter what your financial goals, CDIC is here to help you make informed decisions about the safety of your savings. To help you find the information you need, we’ve compiled a collection of short articles on Deposit Protection for All Life Stages.

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