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CDIC concludes Differential Premiums System review

July 31, 2023

Ottawa – July 31, 2023 – Today, CDIC concludes its review of the Differential Premiums System (DPS), a risk-based ratings system used to set premiums paid by member institutions. The changes, which are anticipated to be implemented in the 2025 premium year, are outlined in CDIC Differential Premiums System Review – Conclusions.

CDIC will make the following key changes:   

  • Raise the number of premium categories from four to five
  • Increase the frequency of differential premium assessments (process of classifying member institutions into risk categories) from annual to semi-annual 
  • Enhance the DPS scorecard, which measures financial and regulatory criteria, to capture a broader set of risks posed by member institutions to CDIC

Once implemented, these changes will modernize and improve the effectiveness of the DPS.

CDIC launched its DPS review one year ago, on July 25, 2022, with a 90-day public consultation with member institutions and industry organizations. CDIC listened carefully and made some adjustments based on the input we received. For more information, please consult this summary of feedback. CDIC thanks all the members and industry organizations who participated and contributed to the review.

About CDIC

CDIC is a federal Crown corporation established in 1967 to protect the savings of Canadians and to contribute to financial stability by safeguarding close to $1 trillion in deposits at more than 85 member institutions. As a resolution authority, we are responsible for handling the failure of any of our members, from the smallest to the largest. Our members include banks, federally-regulated credit unions, as well as trust and loan companies. We are funded by premiums paid by member institutions and do not receive public funds to operate. We have resolved 43 member failures to date, affecting some two million Canadians. No one has ever lost a dollar of deposits under CDIC’s protection.


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