Deposits held in a TFSA

Notice: The Government of Canada has proposed changes in Budget 2018 to modernize and enhance CDIC deposit protection. These changes would take effect after they are approved by Parliament. Until then, the current coverage rules apply. We will update our website at such time as changes take effect.

Here's an example of a portfolio within a single TFSA - and what does (✓) and does not (✗) qualify for CDIC coverage:

  • $ 10,000 in a one-year GIC
  • $ 5,000 in a two-year term deposit ✓
  • $ 10,000 in stocks and bonds ✗
  • $ 2,000 in mutual funds ✗
  • = $27,000 of which $15,000 is covered.

What's protected & why:

The GIC and term deposit are eligible deposits insured for up to $100,000 within a TFSA. So, of the $27,000 in total deposits above, $15,000 is covered.

What's not insured & why not:

CDIC does not insure stocks, bonds or mutual funds, so $12,000 in those investments is not covered.