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CDIC’s website has plenty of new features for industry professionals

Industry news and events

Visitors may notice our website has recently been refreshed.

With a brand-new look and feel, is enhanced with information and timely updates to keep Canadian depositors, the financial community, and our safety net partners informed.

Users will be able to find accessible information in an efficient and transparent manner, thanks to an improved user experience.

What are the new features offered?

  • Our new Tools and Video page is equipped with short videos that will teach you the basics about CDIC and its deposit insurance protection. Moreover, our FAQ videos are the quickest and easiest way to get your questions answered with a single click.
  • Due to our stakeholders’ different needs, our Financial Community section now features information specifically for CDIC members as well as brokers, and other financial professionals.
  • Our RSS feed allows visitors to subscribe and receive updates when new content such as news releases, announcements, and CDIC Articles and Updates are added. Remember to subscribe, it’s the best way to stay in the loop!
  • Our new legislation and by-laws section is now sorted in a table format, which enables easier information access for our members, deposit brokers, and others in the financial community. It also groups together all related legislations, by-laws, consultation papers, and guidance documents, with a simpler navigation for our stakeholders to better understand CDIC requirements and how they are linked.
  • Our new and improved Deposit Insurance Calculator ensures that depositors can calculate their deposit coverage with ease, while learning more about coverage rules.

The new website is a user-friendly one-stop shop that contains all the information you may need. Feel free to browse through your desktop, mobile phone and tablet, and check out our new and exciting features.

If you have any questions or feedback about the new site, please email us at or find us on social media via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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