Here’s what’s new in our world!

Since being appointed CDIC’s Chief Executive Officer last November, Peter Routledge has been focusing on making sure we’re ready for the next financial crisis. Read Peter’s observations in CDIC’s new CEO speaks about building financial resilience in Canada.

The Government of Canada has amended the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) Act to modernize and enhance Canada’s deposit insurance framework. Read more about how the changes will affect CDIC, its member institutions and depositors in Changes to Canada’s Deposit Insurance Framework.

FinTech: The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision offers some observations and suggestions for banks and supervisors with respect to FinTech. Read more in Basel Committee on Banking Supervision: 10 key observations on the impact of FinTech on the banking industry and what this means for CDIC.

CDIC has been developing a new Resolution Planning By-law, in consultation with Canada’s biggest banks, in light of 2017 amendments to the CDIC Act that require DSIBs to prepare their resolution plans. Read more in Update: CDIC’s Resolution Planning By-law.

CDIC sought feedback from its members about specific CDIC processes and their overall impression of CDIC. Results are in! See the highlights of responses in Feedback from our Members: Highlights of 2019 Survey.

CDIC’s ability to deliver on our mandate calls for a sound understanding of key trends and developments in our member institutions’ business environment and profiles. Read about recent trends in Deposit Trends in CDIC’s Membership.

For upcoming regulatory and compliance dates, please see Important information and dates for members.

And lastly, you can find a summary of CDIC’s most recent published financial results in CDIC financial highlights.