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Promoting confidence through public awareness

CDIC articles and updates

March 28, 2018 – CDIC has a three-year public awareness strategy and plan designed to meet two key objectives. First, it aims promote confidence in the Canadian financial system by ensuring depositors are aware of CDIC deposit protection so they can make informed decisions about the safety of their savings. Second, the strategy is designed to reduce the risk of a bank run by assuring Canadians that CDIC protects their hard-earned money.

Setting the awareness bar higher

Public awareness of CDIC deposit protection currently stands at 50% and we aim to reach 60% to 65% of Canadians. The strategy deploys an integrated mix of TV advertising, digital, print and social media content with the goal of reaching all Canadians but with a special focus on groups who may have lower awareness levels.

We know that our member institutions are an important source of information for their clients. To leverage this relationship, we recently asked our members to display CDIC deposit protection information more widely—not only in member branches, but also in electronic banking platforms and ATMs. These measures will be fully in place by September 2018.

New strategy, new look

A centrepiece of our public awareness strategy is a new logo. The stylized lock gives a fresh look to the message that CDIC protects Canadians’ deposits. The lock logo is featured in our new ads and public information products. We invite you to look at our television ad.

CDIC new logo

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