Each year, every member institution is classified into one of four premium categories. Except under special circumstances, classification is based on a system that scores a member institution according to a number of factors including capital adequacy, profitability and asset quality.

The CDIC Differential Premiums By-law (“By-law”) came into effect for the premium year beginning May 1, 1999. The By-law undergoes regular reviews and has been amended on numerous occasions based on consultation with member institutions, their associations and regulators.

Disclosing Rating Information

The CDIC Policy of Deposit Insurance prohibits members from disclosing premium rating information they receive from CDIC. This information includes:

  • the category in which the member institution is classified;
  • the premium rate assigned to the member;
  • the total score assigned to the member;
  • any score assigned to a member related to quantitative or qualitative factors or criteria;
  • the examiner’s rating; and
  • any other information that is given to the member with respect to qualitative factors or criteria by CDIC or by the member institution’s regulator or examiner that would, in itself or pieced together with other information, enable the score assigned to the member institution to be determined.

Premium Year 2019 – Reference Documents

All documents for new and existing members to meet CDIC reporting requirements are below. Please contact us if you require additional information.