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On April 30, 2022, important changes to the rules governing deposit insurance protection for deposits held in trust at CDIC member institutions came into force.

These changes will have considerable implications for trustees who hold deposits in their professional capacity.

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On April 30, 2022, #CDIC changed the way it protects deposits held in trust. If you’re a professional trustee, these changes could affect your clients’ funds. Find out more:

Are you required to hold funds in trust for others as part of your professional duties? If so, you might be a Professional Trustee. #CDIC’s new Professional Trustee framework can help you keep those funds protected. Find out how:

Make sure your beneficiaries are protected! Find out how #CDIC’s new professional trustee framework can do just that. Learn more:

The rules for #CDIC’s deposit protection for deposits held in trust by professional trustees changed on April 30, 2022. Find out how professional trustees are getting ready for April 30, 2022:

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