CDIC badge for mobile and secure environments

CDIC requires members to display a CDIC badge that links to important CDIC brochure content. If a member has a website in each official language, the member may use the bilingual badge or the CDIC badge in the official language of the website. If a member has a website with only one official language, the bilingual badge must be displayed.

​​Bilingual badge image
Bilingual badge

​​​English-only badge image
English-only badge

​​French-only badge image
French-only badge

The By-law sets out the locations where the CDIC badge must be displayed on electronic business sites including home page, landing page for eligible deposit products and online personal banking page. For more information, consult the Information Bulletin.

Instructions for badge with links to CDIC website

Note: A webmaster or some knowledge of HTML will be required to properly implement the CDIC Badge on your electronic environment.

To implement the CDIC Badge on your non-secured electronic environment, download the desired format from the list below and link to content relevant to CDIC deposit protection:

    • Download the English-only badge – EPS / PNG / JPG
    • Download the French-only badge – EPS / PNG / JPG
    • Download the bilingual badge – EPS / PNG / JPG

Instructions for badge for secure sites

Note: A webmaster is required to fully implement this solution.

For secure environments content is provided in a Zip file below. Download one of the above badge formats (eps, png or jpg) and set up the badge icon and link internally to fully accessible PDFs and coded HTML provided below.

    • Download for secure environment English – HTML / PDF
    • Download for secure environment French – HTML / PDF