CDIC Matters

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CDIC is pleased to introduce CDIC Matters, news and information aimed at our industry stakeholders and the general public, to increase awareness of CDIC’s activities and provide more details about our role as a federal deposit insurer and resolution authority.

Here’s what’s making news!

Public awareness plays a vital role in building confidence in our financial system. CDIC recently unveiled a new public awareness strategy along with a fresh look. To read more, go to Promoting confidence through public awareness.

Adequate funding is critical for a deposit insurance system to be effective. Funding: A vital ingredient for CDIC provides some insight into the funding mechanisms CDIC relies on.

Following sweeping financial reform around the world, CDIC was formally designated the resolution authority for Canada’s largest banks. CDIC: Resolution authority for our members explains.

For an overview of regulatory and compliance dates, please check out Important information and dates for members.

For information about insured deposits and CDIC’s deposit insurance fund, take a look at CDIC financial highlights.

CDIC recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and to mark this milestone, author C. Ian Kyer captures the rich history of how CDIC came to be. See CDIC history comes to life.

CDIC and you

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