History of member institution failures

Since its creation by Parliament in 1967, CDIC has handled 43 bank failures, affecting more than 2 million depositors. No one has lost a single dollar of insured deposits.

Member Institution                              Year of Failure
Security Home Mortgage Corporation1996
NAL Mortgage Company1995
North American Trust Company1995
Income Trust Company1995
Monarch Trust Company1994
Confederation Trust Company1994
Prenor Trust Company of Canada1993
Dominion Trust Company1993
First City Mortgage Company1992
First City Trust Company1992
Central Guaranty Trust Company1992
Central Guaranty Mortgage Corporation1992
Shoppers Trust Company1992
Standard Trust Company1991
Standard Loan Company1991
Saskatchewan Trust Company1991
Bank of Credit and Commerce Canada1991
Settlers Savings and Mortgage Corporation1990
Financial Trust Company1988
Principal Savings & Trust Company1987
North West Trust Company1987
Columbia Trust Company1986
Bank of British Columbia Mortgage Corporation1986
Bank of British Columbia1986
Western Capital Trust Company1985
Pioneer Trust Company1985
Northland Bank1985
London Loan Limited1985
Continental Trust Company1985
Canadian Commercial Bank1985
CCB Mortgage Investment Corporation1985
Northguard Mortgage Corporation1984
Seaway Trust Company1983
Seaway Mortgage Corporation1983
Greymac Trust Company1983
Greymac Mortgage Corporation1983
Fidelity Trust Company1983
Crown Trust Company1983
AMIC Mortgage Investment Corporation1983
District Trust Company1982
Astra Trust Company1980
Security Trust Company Limited1972
Commonwealth Trust Company1970